Earlier this month, the Alamo held the show of all shows at the Paramount theater here in Austin. Not only did we show UHF to two sold out crowds, we showed UHF to two sold out crowds with Director Jay Levey and Weird Al Yankovic in person! I've been to a ton of Alamo shows in my time and in all honesty, this was top 5. You haven't been around or experienced fandom until you've seen over 1,000 people raising spatulas in the air.To commemorate the event, we worked with Jay and Al and came up with the poster you see below. It's on sale right now and if you click HERE, you can purchase said poster.Poster by Rich Kelley. 18"x24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 200.I know how much it sucks not being able to attend an event that you REALLY wanted to go to because you don't live in Austin, so with all you outta towners in mind, I decided to do something special with this poster release. Before Al and Jay left, I had them sign 4 copies of this poster that I will randomly insert into orders. No catch...order a poster and you might get a signed one. Your chances of getting a signed copy are about 1 in 25 so good luck and if you do end up with one, send us a shot of it framed!-Justin

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