This last Friday, we had a get together at our shop in Austin, TX to celebrate the release of the first poster in our new STAR WARS poster series. We were joined by the 501st legion aka a Stormtrooper, Tusken Raider and a working R2-D2! We had a line forming at about 4pm and the first 5 people in line got vintage Gonk/ Power Droid figures!I have to say that I've been to lots of conventions and have seen LOTS of costumes, but the ones the 501st were sporting were some of the best I've seen. Friend of Mondo, Gerald Lack, brought out his camera and his collection of Star Wars toys and had the guys pose with their smaller selves.We were also treated to some Stormtrooper and Darth Vader cookies courtesy of Anna. So good even the Stormtrooper decided to get cannibalistic with them.The night was amazing and we completely sold out of the Gonk poster. Thanks to all that made it possible and special thanks to the 501st and LucasFilm. We're going to be releasing a new STAR WARS poster soon so keep an eye on this blog and our Twitter account for news. I leave you with more pictures from the party and a video of the amazing R2-D2 dancing. -Justin

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