Today, Tom Whalen makes his Mondo debut with two new posters for Star Trek and Star Wars. We present to you, Journey to Babel and Palace!Poster by Tom Whalen. 18"x 24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 260. Printed by D&L Screen Printing. Click HERE to buy. From Tom:"When given the opportunity to illustrate a poster for "Journey to Babel", the classic episode of "Star Trek: The Original Series", I wanted to bring to it a vibrant, clean design sense that evoked the retro/future vision of the show. From the gallery of alien delegates to the hierarchy of Mr. Spock's family, the episode provided an abundance of visuals for me to work with."Journey To Babel is probably in my top five Trek episodes ever. I'm a huge fan of aliens and monsters, so the scene where all of the ambassadors are congregating in the mess hall on the enterprise is like Valhalla for me. It's not unlike Jabba's Palace with all of the unique characters hanging out and interacting with each other. This episode was also special as it introduced us to Spock's parents Amanda and Sarek. Down the road, in the animated Star Trek, the episode called Yesteryear references this episode and tells the tale of Spock and his pet Selhat. Highly recommended.Poster by Tom Whalen. 17.5"x 26" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 260. Printed by D&L Screen Printing. Click HERE to buy. Tom weighs in on the design:"The scenes in Jabba's palace perfectly encapsulate the dense, alien-rich texture of "Star Wars" that completely hooked me as a kid and continue to inspire my work today.
I remember sitting in the theater as a 9 year-old and being completely blown away by the sheer variety of spectacles in the palace; the jade-skinned slave girl, the tiny scavenger turned fan-boy, the worm-like translator, one of our heroes hung as a trophy and, of course the bloated slug crime lord and his twisted, maniacal pet.
I see my poster as a sort of family portrait of this collection of miscreants taken shortly before they met their demise."
Like Tom, the Palace scene in Jedi was a HUGE deal for me and still is. I remember sitting with my Guide to the Star Wars Universe book in my lap rewinding and pausing the scene trying to figure out who was who on several occasions. Jabba and Salacious are amazing characters and even more impressive knowing the puppetry and skill that went into bringing them alive.
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