Hey Everyone. Justin here to kind of do a recap of how things work when you're actually ordering posters from us on high traffic sale days. We had a TON of people sign up for the site with this TRON release today and we got a lot of emails like this from angry fans:Hi,I had called and left a message earlier, however, you guys don't open until 5pm, but I was messaging to make a complaint about my transaction earlier. Earlier today at 12:30-12:31 pm I hopped on MondoTees from my cell phone, added the original Tron poster to my cart, went through all the shipping and billing address stuff and after clicking next I was given an Out of Stock page, which baffled me. After refreshing the page and receiving another Twitter notification from MondoNews, sure enough, I was just jacked out of a purchase. Normally, I wouldn't give a shit enough to bitch about it, however, I know how quick these sell and how much they resell for on eBay and this was supposed to be a gift for my girlfriend, as she loves the original Tron movie completely. I'm extremely pissed off, moreso at the fact that by adding a product to my cart, I feel it should be reserved, as I lingered on that page for about an hour, hoping to be one of the first to buy this poster. Apparently, the servers being blown up and my 3g network screwed me out of that. I would like to still purchase one of these posters and if you look at my previous purchases, there aren't many, but I've always been a beyond satisfied customer and still hope to continue to shop here. I'm just hoping you can compensate me for this situation, as this issue was created on your end. Thank you for the time, and I apologize for the bitchiness, it's just the holiday season, it's stressful, and I was looking forward to this since it leaked a couple days ago.This fan was mad, that's clear and it's TOTALLY understandable. Guys, I'm a collector, too. I collect toys, comics, shoes, all kinds of stuff and I fight just like you to get rare, collectible, LIMITED stuff online. I know how it feels when you don't get what you want, especially when you've been refreshing and waiting for hours. The main thing I want to point out in the above message is this line:"by adding a product to my cart, I feel it should be reserved"This is false. There are TONS of reasons why you, the fan, don't want this to happen. If you really want me to go into them, I'd be glad to drop a few in the comments, but the main point is that if you have something in your cart, it's not yours until you make it through the checkout process and pay for it. I'm trying to keep this short and sweet as we have A LOT to do for the bunch of releases coming up before the end of the year, but since we do have a bunch of great stuff coming out, I thought I should make this crystal clear. If you have any questions, hit me up in the comments or shoot me an email. [email protected]

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