I just wanted to hit everyone with an update and say that we're sorry for any user experience issues with the site during the Olly Moss sale earlier this week. It was the most in demand release we've ever had and it brought a lot of new people into the Mondo world. We posted a blog post last week explaining how the checkout process worked, but I feel that it's helpful to provide more detail, especially in regards to what we're doing to improve your experience.1. I handle putting things on sale online and have a system that I use every time. I send a newsletter first, then put the item up for sale, followed by a blog post and then tweet/ facebook. With the Olly Moss release, as I clicked on sale, it instantly sold out and by the time I could tweet, it was too late. So, for everyone upset about there not being a tweet, I apologize. It was my mistake. I just want to assure everyone that this was an isolated instance and I'll do my best to make sure that it doesn't happen again. Once again, I apologize. We're going to keep the current system on how we alert you to the print being on sale, but with one exception. An newsletter will be sent out the day prior to a release instead of the day of. We've found that the emails are hitting spam folders or getting to some customers after the print goes on sale and it's not a good way to announce something. We will still be doing a blog post and Twitter/ Facebook announcements. 2. When a huge release really tests our site, we are able to look at that data and make improvements. Earlier this year, we had a full blown meltdown on the WOLFMAN release and took steps to improve the site. Since then, the site has performed well. The Olly Moss release brought in never before seen traffic for us and now that the dust has settled, we can make improvements. I have been talking to our web developers since the release and we have already begun making changes to the site. We've even bought another server to accompany our already dedicated one, so everything should run smoother in the future. Problems can always arise, but we do our best to keep them to a minimum. 3. We are making a change to how we show you upcoming releases. Earlier this year, we started to debut the posters on a popular website and then we would create an item page for it on our site. This was to let you have a place to prepare for and refresh for the drop. We will no longer be putting the item pages up in advance, but will now be putting the images up on the main page of the site and when the item finally goes on sale, we will activate the links to the items in the store page. We tried this out on the TRUE GRIT release earlier today and feel that this will give everyone more of a fair chance to score a print.Mondo is a company that truly cares about 1. the products we make and 2. the people who are buying the products. Your tweets, emails and posts on forums are greatly appreciated and we constantly strive to make the site function the best it possibly can to ensure fans will get a chance to buy their favorite prints. We take each one into consideration and are constantly trying to improve and make the experience more enjoyable. Feel free to leave us comments below or to email us directly. [email protected]

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