Tomorrow, we're releasing posters for Guillermo Del Toro's HELLBOY and HELLBOY 2. This marks the second drop in our first ever director series and we've got awesome, talented dudes on it. Florian Bertmer provided the design for HELLBOY and Ken Taylor wowed us with his HELLBOY 2. I went out to LA for meetings last week and brought a bunch of poster samples to show people and it kind of confirmed something I've thought for a while now. Trying to show our stuff off with jpegs is an awful idea. That's why, whenever possible, I'm going to be taking detail pictures of the actual posters to show off the printing. Lots of times, we're doing special things like metallic inks, glow, overprinting, etc. and it's impossible to grasp that with a jpeg of the final art. Check out the pics of the prints below and get ready to click "Add To Cart" tomorrow!-Justin

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