Today's "We've Been Framed" comes from Tom who was lucky enough to grab the entire Star Wars series, all of which were purchased directly from Mondo. Tom already had an epic collection of Star Wars collectibles which he coupled with the posters to create an insanely cool display.

Bounty Hunters

"My office has gradually turned into a "Star Wars museum" and a lot of my friends and coworkers stop by to check it out every now and then and see what's new--and sometimes bring their kids or grandkids with them. It makes for a fun work environment, and it inspires creativity and imagination to sit and look around at such a variety of styles from all of my favorite poster artists. Each artist brought something unique to the series and it was fun seeing them all put their own personal spin on the Star Wars universe."

Luke and Ben

When asked if he had a favorite from the series, Tom said:

"It would be pretty tough to pick one as the "best" of the series because there are so many great artists to choose from--but if I had to choose a personal favorite, it would be Martin Ansin's "Wretched Hive." The work he did on that piece was exceptional, and the metallic variant probably stands out as my favorite single poster from the series. It continues to stop me in my tracks when I walk by and it's one that I can just stare at and admire over and over again. The sets from Taylor, Moss and Stout all display well together, but my favorite single standalone piece is the one by Ansin."

Be sure to check out the complete set of photos HERE. Thanks for sharing your amazing home office with us Tom!

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