We are going to start using new tubes to ship your posters. Why would we do that? Well, we were tired of seeing stuff like this:Given, the above picture is a VERY extreme example of damage, but we've just had enough. As you all saw, December was a CRAZY month for releases and we were shipping a lot of pieces just like everyone else in the world. The USPS was swamped and because of that, they used crazier machines to sort the mail and it messed up a lot of our tubes in the process. We always take care of people when stuff like that happens, but it's still a bummer to buy something and for it to arrive messed up. So, in January, we researched other tube options and finally settled with Yazoo Mills. We started using them with the HELLBOY orders, so you all should be seeing them soon. To show you the difference, I snapped some pictures at the shop. The difference is pretty clear. Let's look, shall we....OVERALL TUBE SIZE IS BIGGERThe new Yazoo Mills tubes are about an inch longer than the old Uline tubes. This will allow us to use the paper we've been using without it scrunching on the ends like it sometimes did before. CAPS WON'T POP OFF ANYMOREUline tubes had the metal caps that would pop off if intense pressure was applied. Yazoo's tubes have caps that sit inside of the tube. They also have a ribbed design that makes it pretty hard to pull off. We will also be taping the ends like we used to, so the probability of the end caps popping off on these is much lower. TUBE WALL IS THICKERUline TubeYazoo Mills TubeNot much to say here as the pictures say a lot about how much beefier the Yazoo Mills tubes are. We're confident that this is going to solve a lot of shipping damage problems, but if you do get something dinged from the USPS, let us know and we will take care of you. If you buy a poster from us, you deserve to get a pristine copy of it. Let us know what you think of the change!-Justin

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