I love David Lynch's DUNE a lot. I like it so much that I try to buy merchandise from it's original release whenever possible(next time you're in the Austin store, check out the Sandworms). That being the case, I frequently troll eBay for DUNE merchandise and was lucky enough recently to have bought a Sardaukar Laser blaster still MIB and an original terminology sheet from the theatrical release of the movie. The first time I watched DUNE, I did so without ever reading the book, so I was completely lost. I felt like I was in college again trying to follow a professors lecture. At one point, I think I was actually taking notes trying to keep things straight. Apparently, a lot of people in 1984 hadn't read the book either and were TOTALLY confused as to what a Gom Jabbar was, so in an attempt to give theater goers a crash course on Dune, the studio made this terminology sheet and sent it to theaters so they could give it out to people seeing the film. I honestly have no idea how much it would've helped being in the dark, but it exists and I'm happy to have grabbed one.If you've never read the book and have yet to watch the movie, I scanned the sheet for you. Maybe you could print it out and keep it handy and relive what the 1984 theatrical experience would've been like. I don't think I was born when DUNE came out, so if any of you saw it theatrically and actually got one of these sheets in the theater, let me know in the comments. I love hearing about stuff like this. -Justin

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