Last Sunday, the Grammy's were held in Los Angeles. Most of you probably watched Cee Lo hanging out with puppets and Lady Gaga getting REALLY into Easter, but earlier in the day, something much more amazing happened. Rob Jones is one of the three people that are behind Mondo and when he's not art directing posters for us, he's designing stuff for Jack White on his multiple ventures. We found out late last year that he was nominated for a Grammy for designing the UNDER THE GREAT WHITE NORTHERN LIGHTS box set. We were really excited and every time we would talk about him we would joke and call him "Grammy Nominated Rob Jones." Well, now, it's Grammy Award Winning Rob Jones. Click this link to watch him win the award. It's among the best acceptance videos I've ever seen. BTW, did you see his suit! He had it custom made in pink leather after the Elvis Comeback Special suit. The photographers on the red carpet were loving it and so was Rob. Check out some of these insane pictures from the red carpet. Truly epic stuff. Rob should've seriously won another Grammy for having the most fun. He's so obviously enjoying himself in those pictures. Congrats Rob. You really deserve it!-Justin

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