When Roman wrote to share the posters in his home, we were blown away. He has one of the most extensive Mondo collections we've seen. He talks a little about his assemblage below.
"Rather than having one favorite I have three. Each for their own different reasons. When it comes to sheer artistry you truly have to appreciate Aaron Horkey's Dead Man. The detail in the lettering is a thing of beauty. I keep that one in my bedroom since it's comforting to see it before I go to bed in artificial light and in the sunlight first thing in the morning."
"For personal and nostalgic reasons, the Cinemania is one of my other favorites. I think that's the first Alamo poster I remember seeing. It was one of 3 with a Better Off Dead and a Warriors (damn, I wish I had that one, too!). A friend and I planned a couple of weeks for that weekend that never happened, but the aftermath was just as sweet and we got to meet Michael Beck (Swan) from The Warriors. Also, I have become a bit of a nut on the history of the Alamo, and this makes for a great piece in that history."
"I do have to say that the poster I have probably studied the most is the There Will Be Blood from this past year's Rolling Roadshow; not only because I love Olly Moss and the film itself, but because of how beautifully simple and powerful the image is. I don't think I have ever seen a poster of any kind that with one simple object manages to completely sum up the conflicting forces in a film."
"On a side note, for those that do not know, good framing does not have to be super expensive. Yes, some of your favorite works, like my True Grit, Cinemania and Dead Man, deserve that 3 figure treatment, but each of those pieces are a treasure and deserve to be protected. I work with Lee Avalone at the Hobby Lobby on 183 and Lamar for each of my pieces. She has really helped me to get the bang for my buck and anyone local would be doing themselves and their art a great favor in looking her up. Plus, she has an art degree... Many of these are protected for the long term by just having a great advisor to help you make good choices that fit your budget.Anyone can feel free to send me questions about any of this via the comments section, I'll give all the advice I can. I hate to see great pieces get destroyed because they're exposed to variations of heat and moisture."
Thanks to Roman for taking the time to share his vast collection + tips on framing!If you’d like to have your posters featured on the blog, please send your pictures (at least 700px wide) to Justin (at)

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