When we started to work with Mondo, Rob Jones, Mitch Putnam and I made a list of artists that we could only dream of getting on a job. This was the dream list. It still exists in a shared doc between us and has people on it like Moebius, Drew Struzan and at one time, Frank Frazetta. These are like, the Gods on high to us that would possibly some day come down from Olympus and work with us. Well, today we can cross one off of the list as we are supremely proud to announce UNCLE BOONMEE WHO CAN RECALL HIS PAST LIVES by Chris Ware!Poster by Chris Ware. 24×36 screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 400. Printed by D&L Screen Printing.BOONMEE, if you aren't familiar, is the amazing Palm D'or winner at the 2010 Cannes film festival. We were literally screaming when we get the news that Chris had agreed to do the poster with us. It was like, 1989 and your dad got you a Nintendo for Christmas, youthful, jumping up and down kind of screaming. We have wanted to work with Chris for years and now we are putting this print out. After we settled down, we had to make sure that this thing was printed to the best of our abilities and that we didn't cheap out on colors. We could've probably half toned some stuff out to save some money, but instead we went for it and sent the files to Kevin Tong so he could separate it. Kevin has an amazing eye for detail and we knew we could trust him on it. After he was done, we found out that it would be a whopping 10 color screenprint, which I believe is a Mondo record. I will have lots more detailed pics up tomorrow for you all to see, so keep an eye out. We will also have these in the store for sale tomorrow (as well as our WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS print), so stop by and grab one before they go up for sale on Friday. -Justin

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