I go to the comic book shop every week. It's just a thing I do normally. FF, Hellboy, anything with Man-Thing, etc., but this week was special. This week there was a Tyler Stout cover for Captain America on the stands! I go to Austin Books and Comics here in Austin and the manager Brandon told me that they sold out immediately this morning when they opened their doors and luckily ordered more last week when they found out that we were on the cover. The re-stock came in a few hours ago, but when I was in there grabbing some, there were only a few left. If you don't live in Austin, check out Comic Shop Locator to see where this would be sold in your area. It's a Marvel book, so I can only assume that this would be at most places. Thanks to Marvel for getting us on this and to Tyler as always. We're super excited and hope to do another cover soon. -Justin

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