Tomorrow, August 2nd, we will be offering tickets for the second Mondo Mystery Movie set to go down on Wednesday, August 31st at 7pm at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. Can't announce a specific time, but tickets will drop around noon CST. You might want to refresh this LINK a bunch around that time.If you're not familiar with this show, let me briefly explain. We at Mondo pick a movie that we love and screen it.... the only catch is, we don't tell anyone what it is until you're in the theater. It could be new, old, a cartoon... anything that can play on a screen. We also release a poster of the mystery film that you can ONLY get at the screening. Last time, we screened AKIRA and not only had a Tyler Stout poster to go along with it, but had T. Stout in attendance. This time, who knows what will happen. You'll just have to show up and be surprised. One difference between the first MMM screening and this one is that if you buy a ticket, you will get a poster automatically. The THEY LIVE screening worked very well with the poster/ ticket bundle and we'll do this with the MMM screenings from now on.One last thing, here is the write up I did for this MMM. There may or may not be clues in it.... you decide.We're all friends here, so let's be honest... sequels are generally pretty lousy. It's tough to beat the original, but with what we have planned for the Mondo Mystery Movie: Part 2, we think you'll agree that the magic is back. Not only are we raising the stakes by dropping this thing into the biggest theater the Alamo has to offer, but we're also producing a poster that you can ONLY get at this screening. Remember, at the MMM, anything that can happen... will happen.-Justin

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