Jason Edmiston has posted a new print up for sale on his Etsy page called Trophies. You can buy it HERE and below is the image...Last October, I shot Jason an email about commissions. He is an UNBELIEVABLE painter, so I wanted him to do something for me. Ever since I was little, I had this idea for a painting based on the Planet of the Apes, so I sent him this email...."So, my idea for the apes painting is one that I'm shocked I've never seen done before. I would want you to paint the scene from the movie where you are first introduced to the apes in the corn field. Remember after they kill all of the humans and the three apes take their picture with the pile of dead humans in front of them and they're all smiling? I LOVE THAT PART. I love that it's like an old hunting photo. Think you could do that for me? Do you think that would be fun for you? If you want, I could get you reference photos or whatever."That was in October of 2010. A few months later, he sent me the above image and I freaked out! The original painting now proudly hangs in the Mondo store, so if you're in Austin, come check it out. If you're as big of an Apes fan as I am, grab one of these from Jason while they last!-Justin

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