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Merry early Christmas, dudes! If you missed last night's GREMLINS screening in Austin, don't worry. We have enough holiday cheer to go around. We'll get to that in a second though including our new GREMLINS 2 poster....Last night was amazing and I'd like to thank everyone for coming out. Our live events are becoming the #1 thing I look forward to. Meeting you guys and seeing the excitement is really, really fun. We decided to show GREMLINS last night because a) it was getting close to Christmas and b) we just signed a GREMLINS license with Warner Brothers and wanted to break it in a little bit. First, everyone that bought a ticket to the event received a special Christmas present from us that you can see below. We had MOON whip up some lasercut Christmas ornaments and handed them and the tubes wrapped in our first ever custom Mondo wrapping paper. Presents are NOT presents unless you get to unwrap them, so we thought it'd be cool to go all out. Speaking of Moon Editions, we are big, HUGE fans of the Spider Gremlin from GREMLINS 2 and had Moon laser cut a screen printed Gremlin that we debuted at the GREMLINS Zzang! screening a few weeks back. This is all hand done from the screening to the gromit assembly. This thing is HUGE and is ultra posable as there are 20 points of articulation. This piece comes bagged with a header card and will be on sale Friday with the following posters.....Illustration by Ken Taylor. 20 points of jointed articulation. Edition of 175. Printed, assembled and packaged by Moon Editions. $75Last night we debuted this GREMLINS poster.... It, and the variant, will be on sale Friday.Poster by Ken Taylor. 24"x36" screen print. Hand Numbered. Edition of 370. Printed by D&L Screenprinting.
Poster by Ken Taylor. 24"x36" screen print. Hand Numbered. Edition of 115. Printed by D&L Screenprinting.We are also debuting PHANTOM CITY CREATIVE'S new GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH poster. This was to be released at the above mentioned GREMLINS 2 show, but it wasn't ready in time. So, Friday is going to be our official GREMLINS day where we will have the SPIDER GREMLIN, KEN TAYLOR'S GREMLINS posters and PHANTOM CITY'S GREMLINS 2 poster for sale. As always, we will drop them all at a random time on
Poster by Phantom City Creative. 24"x36" screen print. Hand Numbered. Edition of 320. Printed by D&L Screenprinting.

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