The ThingWe've received quite a few inquiries about how the sale of Drew Struzan's 'THE THING' at the Ritz this Friday. I am going answer as many of them as I can here...Posters will be available for sale for 6/22 ticket holders ONLY (that means both screenings 7:00PM & 10:30PM) Ticket holders have first dibs from approximately 5:00PM-7:00PM until the first screening begins. We will be there to organize the line beginning around 4PM. If you choose to arrive before that, be prepared to be reorganized according to our traffic plan.After the first screening begins (approximately 7:00PM) we will open the sale to everyone else, that includes ticket holders for future shows and the general public.Because the lobby of the Ritz is very small we will not allow Non-Ticket holders to queue up inside. There will be a separate line formed outside.We will NOT be providing tubes. There is simply not enough room. We will be rolling the posters in Kraft paper, with Tissue. If you would like to bring your own tube, you are more than welcome to.Customers will be allowed to buy one of each poster, and they are first come, first served.No line holding, or buying for someone else who is waiting in line for the screening. You will only be able to purchase posters for yourself.We will also be marking tickets after purchase so they are not reused.We will be taking cash & credit.If you have any other inquires please direct them to [email protected] and we will do our best to help you out. We hope to be a positive portion of the experience of Summer of '82, not an inconvenience, so please be considerate to the staff of the Alamo, and your fellow movie goers.Thank you, and see you on Friday!- Mo

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