We got back from San Diego Comic Con late last night.... without a doubt, the best Con experience I've ever had. Thank you so much for making it special for us and we really hope that all of you guys had fun. Okay.... enough remembering fond memories... we've got to talk about tomorrow's sale.We will be having our first every 24 hour sale tomorrow, Wednesday 7/18/2012 and it starts at 12:01am CST. So, what that means is, when you go to sleep on Tuesday night in the central time zone and Tuesday turns to Wednesday.... that's when it goes on sale. Does that make sense? Basically, the poster will be for sale all day Wednesday and will stop being for sale when Wednesday turns into Thursday. We will update you on Twitter with info and to let you know when it's for sale, but just trying to give you as much information as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to email at [email protected] last thing, Olly has decided that he wants to give fans a special treat. When you buy a poster, you will have the chance to receive a GOLDEN TICKET. It will be randomly inserted into a poster tube and with this ticket, you will be able to have Olly do a poster for you. That's right.... pretty much whatever you want. Like, if you want a SPLASH poster or something.... I'm sure he'll be down. All I'm saying is that this is your chance to get the Olly piece that you'd always wish he would do. Pretty cool, right?Okay... I think that's all of the info I can divulge at this point. Sale starts in less than 24 hours now and I'll announce on Twitter tonight. One last thing.... here are some "fine print" things you should know. Same rules apply as they usually do with our sales i.e. one per person / household / etc. We will not be taking any combined shipping requests, or Gallery pick up requests. Also, because of the volume of orders we are expecting, please anticipate 6 weeks for delivery of your poster.Email if you have any questions!-Justin

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