It's been a really long time since this blog was used for anything other than us talking about an event or showing off a poster. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but my hope is that we can make this blog a place where you can get a better understanding of who we are as a company behind the scenes. We're all a bunch of nerds, in our own ways. We used to do blog posts about like... I dunno, wax pack cards, ebay purchases and stuff like that. No idea if you guys like that or not, but hopefully some of you will be into it. There are only about 8 or so of us in the entire company and we're all very different, so you'll probably be into something we're talking about.

One thing that I wanted to do is give you our Instagram handles so you can see what we're up to. I got on it like three months ago and it's REALLY FUN. For instance, we were just in Tokyo, so there are a bunch of cool food pics, giant robots... ya know, stuff that goes on in Japan. So, here are all of the Mondo Instagrams that I know about. To my knowledge, Mitch, Rob and Sophie don't have them. Maybe they'll join up soon, but here are the ones that have them right now....

MONDO (@MondoTees)- This is the main, official Mondo Instagram. This will be for detail pics and general things happening around the gallery like detail pics, event stuff, etc.

MO SHAFEEK (@MoShafeek)

JUSTIN BROOKHART (@JustinBrookhart)

ERIC GARZA (@EricGarza1201)

JESSICA OLSEN (@xoxoJessica)

JUSTIN ISHMAEL (@JustinIshmael)

There ya go. I hope this tides you over until we get our stuff together over here and get cool posts up.


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