Hey all -Every Monday morning I like to check the weekend box office reports to see what movies people are watching in theaters. This morning I was a little bummed to see that Looper, my favorite film of the year, was in second place. I was lucky enough to see the movie early at Fantastic Fest and I was blown away by it.I'm no film critic, and I hate when people over-hype a film for me, but I will tell you that if you are a fan of original, R-rated, sci-fi films you need to get to your local theater and check this one out. If you have seen it already, go see it again! I watched it another time this weekend and it definitely warrants repeat viewings. It is by no means doing horribly at the box office, but lets help remind studios that this is the type of movie that film fans will go out and support.Also, I thought we could try a little something new on the Mondo Blog; an online film discussion in the comment section of this post. If you have seen the movie and love it please voice your opinion here. Have problems with the film? Tell me about them! Thought the score rocked? Let's hear your favorite part. SPOILER WARNING! I want to hear from people that saw the movie so please be advised that plot details may be posted in the comment section.-Justin B.

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