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Today, we have an exclusive reveal of Aaron Horkey's beautiful LORD OF THE RINGS poster from MMMX last year. Getting to see Horkey's original art in person is nothing short of breathtaking. There is not much else to say as the art truly speaks for itself. See the art and some words from Mitch Putnam below.


Mitch Putnam:

Aaron Horkey works almost entirely without the aid of computers. He starts with small pencil sketches, moves up to larger ink drawings, then traces out each color separation by hand. It's a painstaking process (and one that takes seemingly forever), but the hand-rendered precision really shows in the final product. He's part of a dying breed, and this exhibition showcases his process perfectly.

IN PROGRESS opens this Friday, January 25th, at 7PM at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX and will be on display through February 23rd.

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