HARD EIGHT Detail Shots

This Tuesday through Friday, we will be hosing a week long celebration of Paul Thomas Anderson's filmography. We start tomorrow with Rich Kelly's print for his first film HARD EIGHT (or as it is better known to some, SYDNEY).

This series was curated by an artist who is no stranger to us, Aaron Horkey. But since a few of these names may be new to some of you, Aaron took time to detail his decision making process and how he came to choose each particular artist for their specific project.

"I met Rich a few years ago when he was living in Chicago - he had only just started out on his phenomenal run of posters, but he was already light years ahead of the pack. Looking through his sketchbook was a fucking revelation - I can honestly say that book was up there with Crumb, Ware and Jean in terms of sheer brilliance and natural ability. When this curatorial project was taking shape I knew I wanted non-Mondo regulars to round it out, but Kelly was the obvious exception to the rule - his beautifully nuanced illustrative style was just the thing for capturing the gritty noir of Anderson's first film and I was over the moon when he agreed to take part. Even in the rough initial stages I could tell I made the right choice - another absolute stunner of a composition to add to his growing portfolio of classic pieces, the kid wins again..."

All of these prints have been approved by P.T. Anderson himself. We have been working on this project for quite some time, so we are very excited to finally share them with you.

Hard Eight by Rich Kelly

18" x 24" Edition of 235









Sydney (Hard Eight variant) by Rich Kelly

18" x 24" Edition of 115






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