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This week we are hosting a week-long celebration of Paul Thomas Anderson's filmography. We continue tomorrow with Rockin' Jelly Bean's print for PTA's second film, and breakout hit, BOOGIE NIGHTS.

This is Rockin' Jelly Bean's first poster for Mondo. With RJB, as with most artists we have always wanted to work with, we just needed the right project to bring him into the mix. It wasn't until this series, when we were introduced by Aaron Horkey (who curated the entire series,) that we realized it had been staring us in the face the whole time. Aaron had this to say about working with RJB:

"This poster was destined to be handled by RJB - anyone even marginally familiar with his style and subject matter would have to agree that he's been seemingly working up to this one for years. When I initially reached out (thanks to Pushead for the introduction) his auto-translated response boiled down to, "Rollergirl is my inspiration!" After that point all bets were of and the finished product is precisely what an RJB Boogie Nights poster should be - glistening, dynamic and damn near dripping off the paper."

All of these prints have been approved by P.T. Anderson himself. The series continues Thursday with MAGNOLIA by Joao Ruas and PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE by Jordan Crane.

If you are going after multiple posters in the series, we ask that you please hold all combined shipping requests until the series concludes on Friday.

Boogie Nights by Rockin' Jelly Bean

24" x 36" Edition of 335










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