This is exciting stuff... We are pleased to announce that we have created two new posters for Zack Snyder's MAN OF STEEL. First, check out Ken Taylor's masterful illustration of a young Clark during simpler times...



Poster by Ken Taylor

Dimensions: 20"x36"

Edition: 300 (Regular) ; 150 (Variant)

Price: $50 (Regular) ; $75 (Variant)

On sale Thursday, June 13th at a random time at Please follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement.

And we also have Martin Ansin's unbelievable poster...



Poster by Martin Ansin

Dimensions: 24"x36"

Edition: Regular edition TBD ; 130 (Metal Variant)

Price: $50 (Regular) ; $300 (Metal Variant)

Info on Ken’s poster is above and will be limited. Martin’s, on the other hand, will have a limited edition METAL VARIANT available this Friday, June 14th at a random time, but the regular edition will be sold via timed sale. We’ve only done this one other time and you guys seemed to like it, so here it is offered up to you. We only like to do this for special occasions and we think this qualifies…

Here’s how it will all work:

We will put the poster on sale for 3 days. We will start the sale at 12:01AM CST on Friday, June 14th and the sale will be open until 12:01AM on Monday, June 17th. No purchasing limits. No sold out tweets. You will have a full 72 hours (3 days) to buy this. The edition will be determined by how many are sold in that amount of time. After that, the edition will be closed, printed and never reprinted again. We will let you guys know via Twitter on Monday what it came out to. Please note that we are located in Austin, TX and are operating on central standard time. So, it’s midnight according to our local, Austin, TX time zone.

A few rules and regulations:

First: These posters will not BEGIN shipping until the end of July. The 29th to be exact. We would like to be fully transparent about this and explain why: We will be coming right off our upcoming gallery show, followed by San Diego Comic-Con and would like to be realistic about how quickly D&L, our printer, can handle this demand. Also, we are currently in the process of moving into a new fulfillment space which will make shipping ultimately move more quickly and efficiently. Both of these variables are large enough to effect the timetable of shipping. Please remember July 29th is the start date for shipping this poster. Since we won’t know the exact size of the edition until after the weekend is over and the sale concludes, we will then make an announcement in regards to estimated shipping times at a later date.

Second: Incredibly, Martin created this poster only using 6 colors. There are some who experienced some issues with our previous timed edition print, and it gave natural cause for alarm that printing in such high volume leads to a lack of quality control. We want to be clear this is NOT the case moving forward. While there is more opportunity for error in this department, please understand that we will do our best to ensure that nothing leaves our facility that we wouldn’t hang on our walls. If for some reason you do receive a print that you are dissatisfied with, we will replace it accordingly. Receiving something less than your expectations is devastating after a long wait, but please understand that sometimes mistakes happen and we are more than accountable for them. Please contact us at [email protected] if this issue does occur.

Third: We will not be combining shipping on MAN OF STEEL with ANYTHING else. Please understand this is for a variety of reasons, but mostly so that the regular shipping queue is not effected by this singular drop. We will not accept any requests for this. Do not be afraid to e-mail us for other shipping related inquiries, or specifications, but combined shipping requests for Martin Ansin’s MAN OF STEEL will not be accommodated.

Okay, I think that covers it. If you guys have ANY questions about this, e-mail us at [email protected]. We hope that you all are as excited about this as we are. Martin and Ken nailed the poster and Zack Snyder has made one hell of a movie. Let us know what you think!

Just a head’s up, we do ship international. Normal shipping rates apply: $15 domestic, $25 Canada and $32 international.

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