In preparation for the MAN OF STEEL Timed Edition sale, there have been a lot of questions. Our hope is to consolidate the answers to most of them on this page. If you need further clarification on anything, please send us a message using the contact section on our website.

Q: How does a Timed Edition sale work?

A: A poster is put on sale for a pre-determined amount of time. In this case 72 hours. From 12:00AM on Friday until 11:59PM on Sunday, the poster is considered an open edition. Meaning, that however many sell in that time period dictates the edition size. If we only sell 50 copies, the edition will be hand numbered out of 50. If we sell 5,000, the edition will be hand numbered out of 5,000, and so on. We will only know for sure on Monday morning how many we are printing.

Q: When will these posters ship? Why will it take so long?

A: We will not BEGIN shipping Man Of Steel by Martin Ansin until July 29th. The reason for this is that our printing queue is full leading up to San Diego Comic-Con mid-July. We only feel comfortable printing this poster with D&L Screenprinting in Seattle, WA and they will not be able to accommodate our demanding print schedule until they are completed with the posters that are ahead in the queue. We appreciate your patience with this.

Q: Why can I not combine shipping with my Timed Edition print? I want to buy multiple. Would it be easier for us both if you combined them.

A: We will not honor ANY combined shipping requests simply because it takes too long. There is a lot of room for error in shipping in high volume. The amount of variables you can subtract from the equation will lead to faster shipping times, and less room for special requests being overlooked. I know it sounds like it would be faster if we threw more posters into a single tube, but that is not true. The amount of time it takes to combine orders, and refund postage adds hours to our daily routine. It would ultimately add days to shipping MAN OF STEEL.

Q: Do you ship internationally? How much is postage for an international shipment?

A: We do ship internationally! Postage for the timed edition is $15 for Domestic shipping, $25 for Canada, and $32 for everyone else.

Q: How much will the Metal variant cost to ship?

A: Postage for the METAL variant is $35 domestic, $65 for Canada, and $75 for everyone else. Metal posters are shipped Flat. We cannot combine shipping on the Metal print with anything else.

Q: I live in Austin, TX. Will you offer GALLERY PICK UP for the Timed Edition?

A: Yes! We only ask that since there is no rush to the check out on this particular drop, please enter your PICK UP request in the Order Comments Section rather than e-mailing us afterwards if you can. If you forget however, or read this FAQ too late, don’t worry. Just let us know and we will update your order at anytime. However, we will not accept requests to have prints picked up by third parties. To clarify, no, your buddy cannot pick up your poster for you.

Q: In the weeks it took for you to ship my poster I have moved / gone on holiday / etc. Can I change my shipping address?

A: Of course! Please send your updated address to us using the contact section of our website and we will gladly adjust. But only if it still shipping to you (the purchaser). Meaning, we will not update the address to ship the poster to a third party.

Q: I’ve made a HUGE mistake. Can I cancel my order?

A: Unfortunately, no. All poster sales are final.

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