With a little help from the Beagle Boys, we have successfully gained access to Scrooge McDuck's fortune, and we're planning on sharing the wealth with customers who purchased posters from our recent DuckTales poster series! Packaged in every tube, we are sending a little bit of Scrooge's fortune, comprised of Gold Coins and Gems. While getting these to go out, we accidentally dropped Scrooge's Number One Dime into the mix of coins and jewels and it's been mailed out! Please, check your tubes when they arrive! If you have Scrooge's lucky dime, send us a photo of you with it and you will be the proud owner of this brand new Anne Benjamin Original!

AnneBenjamin-ScroogeOG ScroogeLuckyDime

ScroogeTreasure UPDATE! - THE LUCKY DIME HAS BEEN FOUND! LuckyDimeWinner

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