Undoubtedly, there are a few questions concerning our upcoming MONDO MYSTERY MOVIE XI in Los Angeles. This FAQ is here to help you with all of your questions… with the exception of what is the movie?

1) What is a MONDO MYSTERY MOVIE exactly?A MMM is where you give us money blindly in the hopes of having a great time and getting a great poster. Thanks for trusting us! We take the Mystery Movies very seriously and our #1 goal with this show is to give you an experience that you won’t forget. The Mystery Movie has happened ten other times and, each time, we really try to push the envelope and do something new and fun. If all else fails, you at least walk away with a brand new, event exclusive poster.

2) How do tickets work?
We are going to be selling tickets for this event on our web-store, similar to a poster drop. We will put tickets up at a random time on Monday, November 11th, 2013. Check in for the event will be WILL CALL only, so make sure all of your info is correct on your profile before purchase, and please know that there are absolutely NO REFUNDS. Also, and probably most importantly, this event is taking place in Los Angeles. If you cannot attend a screening event in Los Angeles on December 14th, 2013… DO NOT BUY TICKETS. Please be considerate to your fellow collectors.

3) What is the difference between REGULAR, VARIANT and SUPER VARIANT?Regular = Admission + 1 regular edition of the poster = $85
Variant = Admission + 1 regular edition of the poster + 1 variant edition of the poster = $200
Super Variant = Admission + secret apparel item* + 1 regular edition of the poster + 1 super limited variant = $500

*Hey Super Variant ticket people… we will contact you for your size after your purchase.

4) Can I buy multiple tickets? Can I buy a ticket for my poster buddy / significant other?
There is a limit in the check out process for TWO tickets per transaction. In order to redeem your poster, you will need a photo ID AND a physical print out of your order, so please buy responsibly. Individuals who purchase two tickets do not have to provide the name of their guest. You will be listed as having a +1. If you end up with any extras or are buying a ticket with intensions of selling it and can’t find a way to do so… just know that there are NO REFUNDS.

UPDATE: You are allowed to purchase up to two tickets, but there must be two people present to redeem both posters. Please note: One person will not be able to pick up the poster(s) for 2 tickets. There will be no exceptions to this. Please ONLY purchase two tickets if two different people are attending the screening.

5) Will you provide tubes or do I need my own?Safe distribution of posters at the end of the event is of the utmost importance. Currently, we are still working out the details with the venue for their storage capabilities for tubes. Just know that if we can provide tubes, we will. We will announce officially closer to the event.

6) Will these posters go online if I miss them?No. These are event exclusive. We will not be selling them online.

7) “I live in _________, and can’t make it to Los Angeles. Can you mail me the poster?” or “I have something that conflicts that day!”If you purchase a ticket and cannot attend the event, you relinquish your rights to the poster and there are absolutely NO REFUNDS. Again, if you cannot attend the event… please DO NOT BUY A TICKET. We will make ZERO exceptions on this.

8) Is the seating general admission or reserved seating?
This will be a general admission event. Doors are at 6PM and the show begins at 7PM.

9) I made a huge mistake! Can I cancel? Can I change the name on the order?All sales are final. There will be NO CANCELATIONS OR REFUNDS OF ANY KIND. Any other modifications need to be submitted before December 6th. We will do our best to accommodate certain requests, but keep in mind change requests are up to our discretion and are not guaranteed, so we encourage you to purchase wisely. After December 6th, we will not accommodate any requests, and definitely none at the door on the day of the event.

10) Do I need a babysitter? Am I going to be out ALL NIGHT? Do I really have to watch the movie?
Doors are at 6PM, the event starts at 7PM. We will not accept late arrivals. No exceptions. You need to watch the movie in order to redeem your poster. We cannot tell you how long the film is, but you should allot the time of an average evening’s night out.

11) What in the heck is a SUPER VARIANT?
We’ll let you know on December 14th.

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