Justin Ishmael's Top 10 Posters of 2013


The Terminator by Kilian Eng July 2013

Ever seen this interview from SDCC? Well, this is literally seconds after I fell in love with THE TERMINATOR poster. Just having it up on that cardboard and the time between the set up and us doing this was all the time I needed to make my mind up. It's weird.... seeing a jpg of it on the screen was great and it still looks good, but seeing it up close with the textures and details and the printing. Everything about it to me is perfect.


Boogie Nights by Rockin' Jelly Bean May 2013

I can't believe this exists. At all. Just, the word bubble with the broken english and Rollergirl's butt being all WHAM! and right there.... everything. It's just a miracle that it got approved. When we got the final in, I didn't think there was a chance that it would get the nod and it did. Thanks, studio! And to Aaron Horkey for making this happen.


Howl's Moving Castle by Olly Moss July 2013

I will be 100% honest and say that when this came in, I didn't notice the faces on either side of the castle. I didn't notice for a while. It's embarrassing, but I'll publicly admit it... you got me Olly. I love surprises and to me, that's what Olly is good at. Among all of the things he's good at, he is truly a master of keeping people guessing and keeping ahead of the curve. I used to play the poster game where we'd assign something out and I'd make a poster in my mind and see if it was what Olly would do... and it never is. He's like Wolverine.... he's the best at what he does.... whatever that might be on any given day.


This Island Earth by Francesco Francavilla September 2013

Austin Books is the place I go every week to grab comics. On Wednesdays, I've started this thing where I grab all of my new stuff and then I stand back and just look at the comics on the wall as one big thing. Then, I see where my eye naturally goes to. It's a great way to find new dudes to work with. Several years ago, it was a BLACK PANTHER comic. Then it was something else and then something else. And it was always Francesco's stuff I was picking out first. His work just jumps out at you and I think that definitely applies to this poster. Action, monsters, spaceships, tons of taglines and text.... for this poster, every box is ticked on my Francesco want list.


Jaws by Laurent Durieux January 2013

Even if you took the word beautiful, then took every synonym of the word beautiful and then made a SUPER WORD that had the power of all of them in one single utterance... it wouldn't accurately describe how I feel about this thing.

This Laurent guy... seriously.


There Will Be Blood by Aaron Horkey May 2013

This about sums up my feelings...



Halloween by Jock October 2013

Jock is the David Blaine of illustration... i.e. "How'd he do dat?" Is this really a photo? Did he draw it? Dunno. I love that Jock doesn't take the traditional routes for his posters. This could've easily been a bloodbath or a violent poster.... instead, it goes past that and starts dabbling in mood and feeling. Two big keys to great posters. Oh, and to everyone that thinks we made an error by having the knife in Michael's left hand.... here's the reason:

"Yeah, I got a lot of stick from people about the knife being in Michael's left hand on the variant… it is true that it was purely an aesthetic choice - it's in his right hand on the regular. All I would say is, I'm 100% right handed, and I've DEFINITELY held a knife in my left hand too... Especially when I've stalked Jamie Lee Curtis" - Jock


Godzilla by Phantom City Creative July 2013

PCC sent in a lot of thumbnails for this poster. If each one would've went to final, we could've had like a dozen completely different posters with each one having their own merits. Maybe we'll show those off one day. This one just stood out above the rest. It was amazing seeing this at SDCC at the end of the Godzilla Experience, too.


Weird Science by Paolo Rivera November 2013

Like Francesco Francavilla, I became a Paolo mega fan from his comics work. His Spider-Man stuff (his Punisher!!!) and then, of course, his run on Daredevil.... all genius. We had asked Paolo to do something for the EC show and he wanted to, but didn't really have time. If you look at the initial list of artists we announced, he's not on there. It was only later in the lead up to the show that we learned he could do something. And this came in. Of all of the pieces in the EC show, I think this is my favorite and love imagining the story that this cover would be referencing. Like, what actually went down on that mission? Maybe Paolo will let us know one day.


Evil Dead 2 by Jason Edmiston May 2013

I want to do a VHS re-issue of EVIL DEAD 2 and use this poster for the cover. How perfect is this image for the front of a big box? The light bursting out of the cabin? The lighting on the fog and the trees? So good. Jason's first ever screenprint was 2 years ago. Now he's doing this kind of stuff. One of the hardest working guys in the biz.

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