Mitch Putnam's Top 10 Posters of 2013


There Will Be Blood by Aaron Horkey May 2013

When I look at our poster output as a whole, Aaron’s There Will Be Blood poster stands out as a true masterpiece. The amount of hours that went into the drawing is unbelievable, and the printing is unequaled. It’s beautiful in every way.


The Thing by Jock July 2013

One of our goals at Mondo is to try to create posters that show a fresh take on subject matter that is, in some cases, decades and decades old. Jock’s poster for The Thing looks unlike any of the existing visual materials for it, and it couldn’t be better. Love it.


Man of Steel by Martin Ansin June 2013

I think Martin’s Man of Steel poster really shows off what can be done with a screenprinted movie poster these days. The technique is stunning. If any Mondo poster advanced the overall visual aesthetic of screenprints this year, it’d be this one.


Creepshow by Mike Sutfin September 2013

I’m picking Mike Stufin’s Creepshow poster 100% out of fandom. I love the movie, I love the drawing, I love the colors. I love Mike too. It’s all perfect.


Repo Man by Jay Shaw April 2013

When Rob and company were working on the Criterion Repo Man packaging, I was really blown away by everything I saw, but when Jay’s image came in, everyone involved immediately knew it had to be the cover. It works pretty dang well as a poster too.


The Master by Laurent Durieux January 2013

Laurent Durieux may be the most versatile artist we work with. We can’t seem to stump him with a film. He’s normally known for huge ideas and landscapes, but he showed here that he’s also masterful (pun intended) at drawing a likeness.


Attack the Block by Tyler Stout March 2013

This is one of Tyler’s best posters ever, and certainly his most underrated. The composition and colors are classic Stout. Really like the film too.


This Island Earth by Francesco Francavilla September 2013

When we asked Francesco Francavilla to do our This Island Earth poster, I think we all had an idea in our minds what it would look like. In this case, it actually came in looking exactly like that, in a good way.


Silence of the Lambs by We Buy Your Kids November 2013

I can’t say enough good things about the work of We Buy Your Kids. They possess a truly original visual style, which really is rare. This is the SOTL poster I was waiting for.


The Vault of Horror by Florian Bertmer October 2013

We’re all huge EC Comics fans, so when the idea came together to have a gallery show focusing on that source material, expectations and nerd-out levels were at all-time highs. Florian crushed it here. Some of his best work ever, and pretty much flawless.

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