Artwork by Jay Shaw
Edition of 500 Copies
On Black Cassette & randomly inserted Orange Cassette

ms451-1 copy

ms452-2 copy

ms455-5 copy

MS. 45 VHS
Artwork by Jay Shaw
Edition of 500 Copies
On Black Cassette & randomly inserted White Cassette

As premiered at Texas Frightmare in Dallas this past weekend we will be releasing two incredible, personal favorites of ours VHS this Friday May 9th: THE VISITOR & MS. 45. Both feature amazing new artwork by Jay Shaw, and are limited to 500 copies. Check out the trailers for both, and read all about them.

In this unforgettable assault on reality--restored and presented uncut--legendary Hollywood director/actor John Huston (The Maltese Falcon; Treasure Of The Sierra Madre) stars as an intergalactic warrior who joins a cosmic Christ figure in the battle against a demonic 8-year old girl and her pet hawk, while the fate of the universe hangs in the balance. Multi-dimensional warfare, pre-adolescent profanity and brutal avian attacks combine to transport the viewer to a state unlike anything they've experienced... somewhere between Hell, the darkest reaches of outer space, and Atlanta, GA. THE VISITOR fearlessly fuses elements of The Omen, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, The Birds, Rosemary's Baby, The Fury and even Star Wars creating the most ambitious of all '70's psychedelic mind warps. Its baffling all-star cast included Shelly Winters (Night Of The Hunter,) Glenn Ford (Superman,) Lance Henriksen (Aliens,) Franco Nero (Django,) and Sam Peckinpah (director of The Wild Bunch).

Abel Ferrara's (Bad Lieutenant, King Of New York) 1981 revenge thriller classic MS. 45 follows a mute garment-district seamstress - played by the late model/actress/musician/screenwriter Zoe Lund - who after falling victim to multiple unspeakable assaults, ignites her one-woman homicidal rampage against New York City's entire male population.

Our friends at DRAFTHOUSE FILMS did the dirty work of getting these classics back on the big screen last fall (you can check out both of them on VOD or pick up Blu-Ray or DVDs on their site We at Mondo Video are super thrilled to be able to pay our own tribute to both of these classic films. Both go on sale this coming Friday.

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