We are so pumped to launch our new site today! In addition to a brand new design, we’ve updated the back-end in an effort to make the site run better than ever.

How will the new back-end affect you and your account? Because we now use Shopify to process orders, you will need to create a new account with us. Unfortunately we are unable to integrate old orders into the new system, so outstanding or past orders will not appear in your new account. All outstanding orders made on the old site still exist and we are working as quickly as possible to fulfill them. If you have any concern about the status of your order, don't hesitate to contact us. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Below we’ve listed some of the new functions and features worth checking out!

Here are 11 Things to Check Out on Our New Site:

1. Hover over the collapsible Side Bar Menu on the left side of the page for quick access to the rest of the site.

2. Try looking up your favorite artist or license with the website’s Search function located in the side bar. You can do things like check out Laurent Durieux’s past work or Bride of Frankenstein artwork throughout the years.

3. The “Mad-Lib” style Shop section makes navigating our online store super easy. Click the drop down menu to choose from categories including Posters, Music, VHS, & Apparel.

4. Blog posts are now listed as News! The new condensed format will let you scroll through posts quickly.

5. The Archive features a new layout and now displays all products, from posters to original artwork to vinyl and beyond!

6. Check out some of our favorite Mondo articles from top news outlets highlighted on our Press page.

7. You can now add items to your cart directly from the Home page! This will be especially helpful for popular drops when time is of the essence.

8. The Gallery section serves as an archive for past gallery shows, including Disney, Mike Mitchell X Marvel X Mondo and HARSH MAJICAL by We Buy Your Kids!

9. From SDCC to Frightmare to Thought Bubble, check our Events section to see where we’ll be and when we’ll be there. You can also add events to your calendar with a click of a button.

10. Haven’t signed up for our Newsletter yet? You can plug in your email at the bottom of any page.

11. Want to give our site the ultimate test? Purchase the amazing Shaun of the Dead or Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtracks! Maybe the Gremlins and Fargo knit sweaters? (Note: This is highly recommended.)

A huge thanks to the awesome guys at FreeAssociation for designing the site! This has been months in the making and we’re so excited to finally release it into the wild. We hope you guys enjoy it!

Not seeing the new site yet? No worries! It will take a few days for it to fully populate and you should be able to view it in the next day or so. You can also try turning your Wi-Fi on & off to jumpstart it.

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