We’ve had influx of emails regarding the changes to the site and are working as quickly as possible to make sure everyone receives a response! We truly appreciate your patience. In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions that will hopefully get you the answers you're looking for!

Why am I unable to log into my account on your new site?

In addition to a new design, our website has an entirely new back-end, so unfortunately your old account is no longer active. You will need to create a new account with us. We understand any concerns with this – we’d definitely prefer to bring old account information over to the new site! - but unfortunately we aren’t able to integrate the two systems.

I received a vague automated email from you asking me to reactivate my account? Is it OK to click?

Yes! Sorry if it looked spammy. If you had an account with us on our old website, you should have automatically received an “invitation” to reactivate your account on our new site. If for some reason you did not receive the automated email even though you previously had an account with us – not a problem. You can still create an account on the new site here.

I made an order on your old site and I am unable to view it in my new account! How am I able to check on the status of an order if I can’t see it?!

Unfortunately, outstanding or past orders made on the old site will not be visible in your new account. Don’t fret! The order still exists and we are working diligently to ship out all outstanding orders – we're currently shipping Shaun of the Dead LPs and the first round of MondoCon posters. You will receive an email confirmation with tracking information when your order is fulfilled!

I submitted a message through the contact form on the old site and still haven’t received a response. Will my message now go unanswered?

We still have access to the old site’s back-end for fulfillment and administration purposes. This means that if you wrote to us on our old site, we can still view and respond to any outstanding messages. We appreciate your patience with us as we catch back up with customer service inquiries.

I have a question about the status of an order that I made on your old site. How can I inquire about it?

If you have any questions or concerns about the status of an order made on the old site, feel free to contact us here. Be sure to note the order number and the item(s) on the order so we can locate it.

I had a gift card on your old site that I no longer have access to. Will I be able to use it on your new site?

We are currently working to transfer gift card funds over to the new site! This may take up to a week to complete and you will receive an email as soon as the card is active. Please note that the code on the gift card may change.

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