GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Awesome Mix Vol. 1 Vinyl Soundtrack Detail Shots!

This week we got the chance to check out Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Volume 1 jackets printed by D&L Screenprinting! Or at least the screen prints that will become jackets - they are currently getting folded, scored and glued in Portland. The print has the quality of a Tyler Stout 24" x 36" poster, with metallics that really bring it to the next level. Additional artwork by Tyler of the Milano Starship flying into Knowhere is on the back of the screen print and will become the interior of the jacket once it's assembled.

We also received the final record pressing on 180-Gram Purple Infinity Stone Colored vinyl. We worked to create a purple disc that resembled the stone in the film, and are incredibly happy with how it turned out. Each and every copy of the record will receive colored vinyl.

Additionally, records will include one of nine randomly inserted handbills by Tyler, each featuring a character from the film. Below you can check out the uncut sheet featuring all nine handbills!

The Guardians LP is still available for Pre-Order in the shop and is expected to ship out Early 2015.

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