Elijah Wood's Top 10 Posters & Vinyl of 2014

Looper OST 2XLP - Packaging Design by Jay Shaw

Gold bars peaking through shotgun blasted tunic! Brilliant. One of my favorite Mondo vinyl packages yet. A long time in the making and so satisfying.

The Birds by Laurent Durieux

A simple shadow of a single bird is enough to articulate the ominous tone of the film.

Borgman by Jay Shaw

Captures the film and its central oddity beautifully.

Psycho by Kevin Tong

Utilizing the frames from the iconic and masterful shower scene as the tableau for this poster is so damn cool. I love the center red frame with Norman, in his mother’s dress, holding the knife aloft.

A Field in England by Jay Shaw

This is one of my favorite posters from 2014 period. Beautiful psychedelia.

Cheap Thrills by Jay Shaw

I love the Ralph Steadman vibe of this poster and the choice to use the middle finger as a reference. Pat Healy’s harrowing finger excision is inspired.

The Babadook by Gary Pullin

This reminds of me of the classic Halloween poster, which remains a favorite of mine. The Babdook almost hiding behind the blade on her arm is excellent!

The Wizard of Oz by Kevin Tong

This poster kills me. Using Dorothy’s home of Kansas in sepia as the foreground image with Oz stretching beyond is truly awesome.

The Omen OST LP - Packaging Design by Phantom City Creative

Disturbing and beautiful design. I love the hounds on the gatefold and the variant vinyl with the 3 dots for the mark of the beast!

Music from 2001: A Space Odyssey - Packaging Design by Jay Shaw

This is extremely momentous, marking the first time Alex North's original, rejected score has been released on vinyl. I love the gatefold doubling as the monolith and the variant vinyl replicating the psychedelic colorful journey towards the climax of the film. Brilliant release.


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