Mondo + Death Waltz FAQs

A huge thanks to everyone who visited the site yesterday for the first-ever Mondo + Death Waltz record release. We're incredibly stoked to have Death Waltz titles available on our site. We answered a few Frequently Asked Questions - check them out below:

Will all records now been released as Mondo records, or will the Death Waltz label co-exist with Mondo?

Death Waltz will continue to curate & produce records as it has done for the last few years. You may now see the Mondo logo on Death Waltz packaging, but Mondo & Death Waltz are separate labels run together, side by side.

What are Selects?

Selects are records from other labels we love and feel strongly about sharing with our fans. We aim to offer an expertly curated music library at your fingertips, many of which will be in colorways exclusive to the Mondo site.

How will manufacturing change?

We will continue to use several manufacturers – the quality of each release won’t change.

How will shipping / fulfillment change?

All Mondo & Death Waltz records purchased directly through the Mondo site will be fulfilled at our warehouse in Austin, Texas. Right now our frustration-proof mailers can only fit two records safely, which may be the cause of some disappointment for those who are used to buying more in an effort to save on shipping. We’re working to develop packaging that can safely accommodate a higher quantity of records in order to cut down on shipping, especially for international customers.

Will we still see Death Waltz records in UK record stores?

Yes! You’ll be seeing wider distribution for both Death Waltz and Mondo vinyl this year. We’re partnering up with the Light in the Attic (US) & Republic of Music (UK & Europe) to get vinyl from both labels in more records stores worldwide.

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