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BLACK SUNDAY Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP

Available for the first time ever on Vinyl, we are pleased to present John Williams tremendous score for BLACK SUNDAY.

BLACK SUNDAY (1977) isstory of a terrorist group attempting to blow up a Goodyear blimp hovering over the Super Bowl stadium with 80,000 people and the President of the United States in attendance. The film is based on a novel by Thomas Harris (Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs) and directed by John Frankenheimer.

Paramount Pictures had extremely lofty expectations for the film and wanted the film to give JAWS a run for its box office money, so among the all-star cast they went for an a-list composer as well... After the success of JAWS, Williams was poised atop the leaderboard as the “go-to” composer for mayhem flicks. BLACK SUNDAY would be the first of three films Williams would compose music for in 1977, the other two being STAR WARS and CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND.

While the film ultimately failed to garner much financial success at the box office, it is still regarded as a critical success, and Williams' score is among the finest of his career.

Housed in a deluxe gatefold jacket (featuring a shrapnel pierced die-cut interior gatefold) and liner notes by Brian Satterwhite. We are honored to add another John Williams score to our catalog.

In honor of the big game, SUNDAY ONLY we are releasing this soundtrack in two exclusive color-ways:

New England Variant: Tri-Colored Red, White & Blue 180 Gram Vinyl
Seattle Variant: Tri-Colored Blue, Silver & Green 180 Gram Vinyl

After Sunday, the LP will only be available on Black 180 Gram Vinyl.


Side A
01) Beirut (0:37)
02) Commandos Arrive (1:15)
03) Commando Raid (5:30)
04) It Was Good / Dahlia Arrives / The Unloading (3:11)
05) Speed Boat Chase (1:50)
06) The Telephone Man / The Captain Returns (2:14)
07) Nurse Dahlia / Kabakov’s Card / The Hypodermic (3:28)

Side B
08) Moshevsky’s Dead (1:57)
09) The Test (1:55)
10) Building the Bomb (1:53)
11) Miami / Dahlia’s Call (2:26)
12) The Last Night (1:28)
13) Preparations (2:42)
14) Passed (0:31)
15) The Flight Check (1:49)
16) Airborne / Bomb Passes Stadium (1:46)
17) Farley’s Dead (1:33)

Side C
18) The Blimp and the Bomb (3:12)
19) The Take Off (1:43)
20) Underway (0:39)
21) Air Chase, Part 1 (1:12)
22) Air Chase, Parts 2 and 3 / The Blimp Hits (7:19)
23) The Explosion (2:36)
24) The End (2:15)

Side D - Bonus Tracks
25) Hotel Lobby (source) (1:49)
26) Fight Song #1 (source) (0:51)
27) Fight Song #2 (source) (1:45)
28) The End (alternate mix) (2:20)
29) The Explosion (revised ending) / End Title (film edit) (2:12)

BLACK SUNDAY will be available online at 12pm CST Sunday, February 1st. Please note that the record is expected to ship March 2015.

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