PULP MENAGERIE Posters Transformed into Incredible Origami Sculptures

məˈnajərē, məˈnaZHərē
A collection of exotic animals kept for display

To celebrate the theme of Tom Whalen's upcoming solo show, PULP MENAGERIE, origami designer Paul Frasco is bringing a new dimension to the diverse collection of screen prints showcased in the exhibit. Paul uses the process of wet folding to create the sculptures, which allows paper to be shaped using gentle curves that are permanently retained once the paper is dry, giving the final piece a texture similar to papier-mâché.

Below you can check out some of the incredible creatures that will be on display at the gallery, made entirely from (damaged) posters in the show, including BACK TO THE FUTURE, GODZILLA, MAD MONSTER PARTY & BATMAN.

To see more of Paul's work, be sure to follow Wetfold on Facebook & Instagram. Also, shout out to master fabricator Max Steiner for his laser cutting expertise! PULP MENAGERIE will be on display at the gallery May 22nd - June 6th. Stop by for the opening reception this Friday from 7pm - 10pm.

Pulp Menagerie Bat Origami Timelapse from Mondo on Vimeo.

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