The First Hellboy Statue is now available for Pre-Order!

In 1991, comic artist & writer Mike Mignola did a Black & White illustration at a comic convention of a demon character that bore the name “Hellboy” on his belt. This was the genesis of the filed-horned fighter of the supernatural known and loved today. We're so excited to bring the original concept to life with a 12" statue showcasing all the strange and fun details of the original drawing.

Now is a Hell of a time to bring this piece of comic history home!

The figure is available in two versions: a limited, B&W illustration-like paint scheme (exclusive to the Mondo site), and a red paint-scheme designed by original Hellboy colorist Dave Stewart.

The First Hellboy Statue (Red Version)

The First Hellboy Statue (B&W Exclusive Version)
Limited to 200


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