James Horner, you will be missed.

Yesterday, we lost one of the greats. Echoing the sentiment of almost everyone who's ever been touched by a James Horner score, he has been such a staple in cinema music and we honestly don't know a world without him.

I feel like everyone out there - regardless of the level of cinephile you are - has a James Horner mixtape. Mixing his scores to all of your favorite films around in your head - either in order of reverence, or in chronological order - it doesn't matter. He crossed genres and styles, and tones. But it was all him. From the biggest films in the world like Titanic & Avatar, to fanboy favorites like Commando, & Willow to the smallest, niche films such as Wolfen &Humanoids From The Deep, it was all iconic.

For me personally it starts with "Somewhere Out There" from An American Tail and goes into "The Zeppelin" from The Rocketeer, continues with the rat-tat-tat from "Bishop's Countdown" from Aliens and ends with "Battle In The Mutara Nebula" from Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan. We’ve been working on a number of James Horner soundtracks over the last 8 months, which means we have been listening to a lot of the man's music, all of it is incredible. He managed to switch between huge sweeping majesty and intricate & intimate in the same cue. We have been really excited about posting a blog about James Horner, we just never thought it would be something like this.

Our thoughts go out to his family and friends and anyone who has ever been touched by his music. Sleep well good sir, you will never be forgotten as you are always on our stereo.

Mo Shafeek & Spencer Hickman, Mondo & Death Waltz Records

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