San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Sneak Peek

We're super excited to offer a sneak peek at what we'll have available at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. This year, more than ever, we'll be showcasing a wide variety of products including posters, vinyl and collectible figures. You can find us at Booth #835!

Ant Man (Foil Variant) by Kevin Tong
24"x36" Edition of 175

We'll be releasing a foil variant of Kevin Tong's Ant-Man screen print. "In designing the poster, I wanted to show Ant-Man’s scale, the intensity of his transformation, and really just trying to make a poster as fun and dynamic as the movie," said Kevin. The regular version of the poster will be on sale at a future date on our website.

We'll be releasing a diverse selection of posters throughout the convention, including the debut of an awesome new license.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1/6 Scale Figures

Just last year we announced that we were making a big step into the world of high-end collectible figures. At this year’s Comic-Con, we're thrilled to display our 1/6 scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Here's a peek at Leonardo, the first in our series, inspired by the original Eastman & Laird comic book from the 1980s. Standing approximately 11 inches in height, and featuring 25+ points of articulation, Leonardo includes interchangeable hands, multiple accessories, and a choice of the classic red mask from the comics, or the famous blue mask from the cartoon series! All four turtles will be on display (only) at our booth. Pre-Orders will be opening up at a later date!

First Hellboy Statue

In 1991, comic artist & writer Mike Mignola did a black & white illustration at a comic convention of a demon character that bore the name “Hellboy” on his belt. This was the genesis of the filed-horned fighter of the supernatural known and loved today. Mondo is excited to bring the original concept to life with a 12" statue showcasing all the strange and fun details of the original drawing. In addition to all the sculpted details, original Hellboy colorist Dave Stewart was enlisted to design the color scheme for the piece. Now is a Hell of a time to bring this piece of comic history home!

First Hellboy is currently available for Pre-Order on our site!

Come by the booth to see more collectibles including an early preview of a Godzilla sculpture based on Phantom City Creative’s poster design – it’s truly a one-of-a-kind piece.

Aliens - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Composed & Conducted by James Horner
Artwork by Kilian Eng
Pressed on 180 Gram Queen (Blue & Black swirl) Vs.
Power Loader (Yellow with Black Stripe) Colored Vinyl

The Academy Award-nominated score for Aliens is an appropriate musical companion to this wildly successful sequel. Much like the film, the soundtrack is a departure from the original, but equally beloved. Composer James Horner took the reigns from Jerry Goldsmith and made something his own: blending the suspense and horror that the franchise is known for, with an element of fun that is unique to this entry.

This deluxe edition soundtrack features over a dozen cues that have never before been released on vinyl, including 5 bonus tracks. Commenting on the design, artist Killian Eng said, “I wanted the alien to play a big role but at the same time incorporate its shape into the materials of the space station, almost like it becomes the station itself, keeping the marines in a steady merciless grip.” The LP is premiering at SDCC, but remaining inventory will end up online!

01. Main Title (5:13)
02. Bad Dreams (1:22)
03. Dark Discovery / Newt's Horror (2:07)
04. LV-426 (2:03)
05. Combat Drop (3:29)
06. The Complex (1:34)
07. Atmosphere Station (3:11)
08. Med.Lab. (2:04)
09. Newt (1:14)
10. Sub-Level 3 (6:36)
11. Ripley's Rescue (3:19)
12. Face Huggers (4:24)
13. Futile Escape (8:29)
14. Newt Is Taken (2:04)
15. Going After Newt (3:18)
16. The Queen (1:45)
17. Bishop's Countdown (2:50)
18. Queen To Bishop (2:31)
19. Resolution And Hyperspace (6:27)

Bonus Tracks
20. Bad Dreams (Alternate) (1:23)
21. Ripley's Rescue (Percussion Only) (3:20)
22. LV-426 (Alternate Edit - Film Version) (1:13)
23. Combat Drop (Percussion Only) (3:24)
24. Hyperspace (Alternate Ending) (2:08)

Superman: The Animated Series – Die-Cut Single
Music by Shirley Walker
Artwork by Phantom City Creative
LP Single Die-Cut with screen-printed B-Side
Pressed on Classic Red Vinyl or Kryptonite Green Vinyl

Mondo is thrilled to announce the Superman: The Animated Series Die-Cut single featuring the character’s iconic emblem cut in the shape of the Man of Steel’s “S” in classic red vinyl or Kryptonite green vinyl.

Commenting on the artwork, Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative said, “I wanted to make this a companion piece to my packaging design for Batman: The Animated Series. While Batman is darker and more serious, Superman needed to be bright, colorful and energetic to reflect the tonal differences between the two.”

The single features the theme music of the inimitable Shirley Walker, whose leadership on this and Batman: The Animated Series set the standard for the music of the DC Animated universe for decades to come. This release is an essential companion piece to last year's Batman: The Animated Series Die-Cut Single.

Side A
01. Superman: The Animated Series - Main Title (1:07)
02. Superman: The Animated Series - End Credits (0:35)
03. The New Batman / Superman Adventures - Main Title (1:05)
04. The New Batman / Superman Adventures - End Credits (0:35)


You can find us at Booth #835. Stay tuned for more reveals and information about our release schedule!

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