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Introducing Mondo Music Group

Today we sent out the very first Mondo Music Newsletter, a weekly blast that will hopefully become the go-to place to not only find out about our forthcoming record releases, but also information about other soundtrack labels we admire and any other cool new releases out there at the moment. It will also give us the chance to keep you up to date with everything in production so you don’t have to chase us to see where things are in the pipeline.

We realize since Death Waltz and Mondo joined forces, it’s been pretty much non-stop with regard to record releases, but maybe we didn’t take the necessary time to break down exactly what it really meant and how it affects both labels. After a meeting of the minds a few weeks back, we have decided to hence-forth refer to our music offering as Mondo Music. This will be the overall name for our record division and within that banner falls separate divisions: Mondo, Death Waltz Recording Co., Death Waltz Originals, and Distributed titles.

Confused? Understandable. It took us a few months to truly grasp it ourselves, but we've created this handy graphic to better explain.

MONDO is already the destination for the best of new release titles (i.e. Jurassic World and Mad Max: Fury Road,) animated features (The BoxTrolls, Batman: The Animated Series) and genre classics such as our forthcoming Aliens & Army Of Darkness releases - all with incredible original artwork. But now it will also be the home to original video game & TV soundtrack releases. Mondo records is the elder brother of the family and has grown up into quite the catch.

DEATH WALTZ RECORDING COMPANY is going to be your go to place for all the weird and wonderful horror films you have come to know from both labels, consolidated onto DWRC. It means this will be the premier label in the world for cult, horror, exploitation and just plain odd soundtracks. Since joining Mondo, DWRC has managed to make significant headway into releasing new horror films (who says they are no more classics waiting in the wings?) and forthcoming scores to new movies include Turbo Kid and Deathgasm. We have already moved some titles earmarked for Mondo over to DWRC as we begin to shape the future of our labels.

DEATH WALTZ ORIGINALS is the young upstart on the block that focuses on brand new releases from bands and artists we admire. Working mostly in the electronic field, past releases have come from Umberto and Pye Corner Audio and future releases include albums from Miles Brown of The Night Terrors and an EP from former Ash member Charlotte Hatherley. One thing you can be sure of though, is that if it’s on Originals it has the Death Waltz stamp of quality. A label releasing new and current bands stands and falls by their last release and we stand proud with all of ours.

And finally, DISTRIBUTED TITLES are records released by labels, artists and bands we love but are not signed to us. Sometimes we get exclusive colorways on these titles but mostly these are records we love and think you will too. We only distribute titles we feel strongly about and usually in very LTD numbers. These rarely hang around and we do our best to curate a selection of records that you may not have heard of but could easily become a new favorite. If we are selling it, then we are buying and listening to it. Currently we have an exclusive on the new Goblin record and this week we have copies off the European pressing of Pieces.

As well as letting you know about all of the above Mondo releases, the Mondo Music newsletter will also feature a small paragraph about new releases that we are currently buying and listening to with link to the relevant labels / stores. We hope this becomes a useful addition to your weekly shop highlighting others work that we think you’ll love.

Finally, we’ll be compiling a monthly Soundcloud mix that will feature new & forthcoming music, not only from the Mondo stable but also other leading labels such as Light In The Attic, One Way Static, Waxwork Records & many, many more. You can check out Volume One here.

You can check out our first Mondo Music Newsletter here, which includes information on The Last of Us 4XLP, Superman: The Animated Series Die-Cut vinyl & Aliens 2XLP.

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