The Inspiration Behind COOTIES & GOODNIGHT MOMMY

Tomorrow we have a couple of new posters from our very own Jay Shaw that we’re really excited about. The films couldn’t be any more different from one another - COOTIES is an American horror-comedy while GOODNIGHT MOMMY is far more psychological in its scares. What they do share, however, is they’re both amazing genre films with children as the focal point of the horror… so that became the theme of this week! We love both of these movies and encourage checking them out as soon as you can.

Below you can read a few words from Jay about the process & inspiration behind the prints.

Cooties by Jay Shaw & Jason Edmiston
18"x24" Edition of 125

Back in December of 2013 I got an email from Elijah Wood (Internal Affairs, The Good Son) asking if I was available to create a festival poster for a horror-comedy film he was involved with about murderous zombie children. One catch, the film wasn’t finished and there was nothing available for me to look at. These are the gigs I live for. After a quick back and forth with the wonderful folks at Spectrevision we landed on the “skeleton holding a lollipop” concept. It calls back to one of my favorite posters for one of my favorite horror-comedies of the 1980s, House.

Fast forward a few years and Cooties is seeing wide release! It’s a gem of a film made by some of our favorite people so we had to release a Mondo poster for it. I bounced around ideas for a new poster concept but the lollipop design kept coming up the winner. We asked our friend and magician Jason Edmiston to help recreate this design as a screen print. What he put together is absolutely gorgeous. I’m going to hire him to paint all of my ideas from now on.

Goodnight Mommy by Jay Shaw
18"x24" Edition of 100

GOODNIGHT MOMMY is an Austrian horror film directed by Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz. It concerns a mother who returns home to her twin sons after undergoing reconstructive facial surgery. The mother spends a good portion of the film under bandages with just her eyes and mouth exposed. Her sons begin to question her identity as the film slips into a psychological nightmare. Everything about this movie works. It’s going to become a genre classic. The poster is meant to mix the terrifying image of the mother’s bandaged face with a hint of sadness indicated in her bloody tears. A theme especially pertinent once you’ve seen the film, which we HIGHLY recommend you do.

View the trailer & find out where you get see the film, here!


Both posters will be available at a random time tomorrow, September 18th. Follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement!

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