Baby Hellboy 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure

Summoned to Earth on December 23rd, 1944, the half-demon child known as Anung Un Rama was intended change the tide of WWII in Germany's favor. Instead he was discovered by US soldiers, given the name Hellboy, and would go on to fight the forces of evil as an adult.

Working closely with creator Mike Mignola to design the definitive baby Hellboy, we're thrilled to release a figure featuring 6 points of articulation (neck, tail, shoulders, right elbow, and right wrist), and the cutest lil face Hell ever spawned.

In addition to the regular version, we're releasing an exclusive version - available exclusively on Mondo site - with the removable Crown of the Apocalypse. The exclusive version will be available for 72-hours only (until Thursday, Dec. 17th at 12PM central).

Now's your chance to hold this little bundle of demonic joy in your own hands!

Baby Hellboy 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure Regular & Mondo Exclusive versions available now.

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