Eric Garza's Top 10 Posters of 2015

BADLANDS by Tomer Hanuka

This might be THE poster universally accepted from the folks at Mondo as one of our collective favorites of 2015. Tomer is one of the most brilliant artists working today and this illustration is a total grand slam in terms of concept, composition and execution.

THE GOONIES by Tyler Stout

Tyler created the ultimate Goonies poster here. This has been a title/artist pairing we've wanted to create for quite some time and Tyler gracefully stepped up to the challenge and delivered an instant classic. I chose to feature the MondoCon variant as I love gold that was printed. This thing shines in person. The 'X marks the spot' composition formed by all these characters we know and love is a great touch. If you have this poster, be sure and scope out the reverse side for another wonderful little easter egg.

JAWS by Nicolas Delort

Jaws is one of the hardest titles for us to assign. It’s one of our favorite films, but how do you improve upon the (rightly iconic) original one-sheet? Even further, how do we follow up Laurent’s take? Thankfully, Nicolas cracked it. Setting the scene inside Quint’s boathouse is unlike any approach we’d seen. The silhouettes of the seagulls in the foreground add incredible depth and Nicolas’ carefully etched style pairs perfectly with the wooden architecture of Quint’s fortress. The foreshadowing of Quint’s ultimate fate is the cherry on top.


I honestly think “What would Rich Kelly do?” just about every time we’re brainstorming artists for projects. His style is so unique that I want to see him draw just about anything. That paired with the fact that I’m a dude who grew up in the 90s and genuinely loving The Secret of the Ooze made for a poster that I’m so happy is a real thing. It’s all a little too Raph.

CRIMSON PEAK byDaniel Danger

Daniel knocked this one out of the park. This is what happens when a project works out completely from start to finish with hours and hours (and hours) of drawing in between. Guillermo was kind enough to allow us to screen an early cut of the film for Daniel as well as the studio sending over invaluable photo assets. I still remember Daniel’s initial e-mail after seeing the film that completely laid out his thoughts on it, what the poster would include and a rough sketch that clearly laid out his vision for the art. The final poster is so close to that initial sketch it’s eerie. This is confidently among Daniel’s best, in my opinion, and absolutely one of my favorite pieces he’s done with Mondo.

PLANET HULK by Boneface

Mad Max: Fury Road and Creepshow posters are brutal stunners, but Boneface’s Planet Hulk is near and dear to me. His take on - arguably - Hulk’s most iconic storyline is so perfect and among my favorite Marvel posters we’ve done (along with another appearing later on this list). The choice to present the jade giant as a gladiator bust while his fellow gladiators scale him as a pillar of strength is so good.

WE ARE EACH OUR OWN DEVIL by Matthew Woodson

I didn’t want to put two Marvel pieces, but I couldn’t leave out Woodson’s perfect representation of The Man Without Fear. The focus on the Fogwell’s Gym/Hell’s Kitchen water tower and Catholic church are key ingredients to Ol’ Hornhead as a character while also establishing his watch as guardian devil over the more street-level aspects of the Marvel Universe. It’s wonderfully juxtaposed against the NY skyline (featuring Daily Bugle easter egg!) in the background.


Jay is a special one. He’s one of the most unique and smartest designers working today and one of the first people I turn to when I can’t find a solution to something. The fox ouroboros is such a simple and striking design that fits perfectly with the themes presented in the film. He makes it look too easy when, often, it’s not.

GODZILLA by Jared Muralt

This one was difficult. Shan Jiang, Randy Ortiz and Tom Whalen created three amazing posters for Godzilla this year as well, but Jared Muralt put a unique spin on big G while capturing his essence of destruction and daunting scale. I particularly love the birds (and helicopter) flying towards the scene and way the title interacts and is obscured behind elements of the scene.


Stan and Vince killed it this year. This poster is perfectly rendered and is likely my favorite on this entire list. Creatch’s claw extending out to the viewer and just outside the art frame is terrifying and wonderfully offset by the divers in the background who add an incredible amount of depth, really selling that 3rd dimension. This poster could’ve been the official one-sheet.

ERIC GARZA, Head of Creative Production

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