Alien Day 2020 – New Tikis, Pins & Jonesy's Back

“I'll tell you what I know. We set down on LV-426. One of our crew members was brought back with something attached to his face, some kind of... parasite.”

Each April we celebrate one of the greatest characters in film history – Ellen Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo and LV-426, the everywoman icon who time and time and time and time again faces off against the impossible terror of the xenomorphs. We also celebrate the xenomorphs, face-huggers, the Alien Queen, and the collective work of directors Ridley Scott and James Cameron, screenwriter Dan O'Bannon, artist H.R. Giger, and decades of genre-defying work by legendary cast members and creators.

And we also celebrate Jonesy the Cat.

This year, Alien Day (4/26) lands on a Sunday, so we're kicking the festivities off a little early (call it "Alien Day Weekend") with two new variants of the Alien Queen Tiki and Alien Egg Shooters, a brand-new set of ALIEN pins from 100% Soft, and a returning favorite now in women's sizes.

There's also shirts, puzzles, pins, vinyl soundtracks, and more still in stock and available now in The Alien Collection.Jonesy Shirts

Jonesy T-Shirt (Color / Black & White) Art by Martin Ansin. Manufactured by Industry Print Shop. Women's sizes S to 2XL on Next Level 3900 - Natural/Black. Unisex cut sizes XS-4X. Expected to ship in May to United States and Other Countries Internationally$25

Salute the other last survivor of the Nostromo, Ellen Ripley's feline friend Jones "Jonesy" the Cat. We're re-releasing this fan favorite from artist Martin Ansin in both women's and unisex cuts so that everyone can look good celebrating sci-fi horror's coolest cat.  

Alien Enamel Pins [Ovomorph / Chestburster / Ripley & Jonesy / Xenomorph] Art by 100% Soft. Hard enamel on black nickel. 2" x 3.5" backing. Width: 1.51" wide (Ovomorph), 1.47" wide (Chestburster), 1.8" wide (Ripley/Jonesy), 1.6" wide (Xenomorph). Expected to ship in May to United States and Other Countries Internationally. $10 each.

In space, no one can hear you squee. 

Mix and match Ripley and Jonesy with a sweet Ovomorph, a victorious Chestburster, and a frolicking Xenomorph. 100% Soft's crazy-adorable design work on these enamel pins will give your jacket, backpack, or display case the xenomorph touch (without the acid).

ALIEN Queen Tiki Mug (Acid Blood / Airlock Variants) Designed by Mike Bonanno. Sculpted by Tufan Sezer. Manufactured by Tiki Farm. Ceramic. Height: approx. 9". Weight: approx. 3lbs. Airlock Variant expected to ship in April. Acid Blood expected to ship in May. Ships to United States and Other Countries Internationally. $50.

New for Alien Day 2020, a jade green Acid Blood Variant and a black and blue Airlock Variant of our Alien Queen Tiki, a handmade 22-ounce ceramic mug inspired by both Tiki culture and James Cameron's ALIENS. Both sets include two swizzle sticks – a Facehugger and a Chestburster.

All stocked up with cold drink containers? We've seen lots of Mondo friends using our tikis as (terrifying) planters and highly endorse this use.

Alien Egg Tiki Shooters Set (Acid Blood / Airlock Variant) - 2 Pack. Designed by Mike Bonanno. Sculpted by Tufan Sezer. Manufactured by Tiki Farm. Ceramic. Height: 2.5". Weight: approx. 1lb. Airlock Variant expected to ship in April. Acid Blood expected to ship in May. Ships to United States and Other Countries Internationally. $25/Set.

What came first, the Alien Queen or the Alien Egg? You decide and create a nest of your own with the Acid Blood or Airlock Variant of the 2 ounce Alien Egg Tiki Shooters

How are you spending Alien Day Weekend 2020? We want to see your Mondo xenomorph nest – snap a photo and tag it with #MyMondo on Twitter or Instagram.

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