ALL MONSTERS ATTACK – Soft Vinyl Figure Set – Timed Edition (On-Sale Info)

Escape to Monster Island with our first Toho soft vinyl release of 2024! 

Offered as a three-day timed edition, the ALL MONSTERS ATTACK - Soft Vinyl Figure Set comes complete with three swivel-articulated kaiju ... Godzilla, Gabara and Minilla from the 1969 Shōwa-era film ALL MONSTERS ATTACK (aka the first Toho Champion Matsuri).  


Sculpted by Hector Arce and Tufan Sezer from concept art by Peter Santa-Maria, this three figure set also features exclusive packaging art by the great Tom Whalen
Available Tuesday, March 19 at NOON CT through Friday, March 22 at NOON CT ... only at

Product includes: 

  • Godzilla – 8” 
  • Gabara – 8.5”  
  • Minilla – 3.5”   

Soft Vinyl Figure Set - Timed Edition. Concept Art by Peter Santa-Maria. Sculpt by Hector Arce and Tufan Sezer. Paint by Hector Arce. Packaging Art by Tom Whalen. Packaging Design by Jordan Christianson. Photography by Eugene Feliciano. 
Limit 3 per Customer. Payment Plans Available. Ships Worldwide (Japan Excluded). Estimated Shipping September 2024. $240

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