All the Flowers at My Funeral: A Note from Sonny Day

Hi everyone!

Super pumped to be back in Austin and blown away by everyone's response to the idea behind All the Flowers at My Funeral.

I just wanted to write a quick note for those planning to attend (That's you, right? You’re coming, right? Please tell your friends about this show).

The shows opening a little earlier this time, 6PM.
In regards to funeral attire for the opening, this is entirely up to you.
But if that's not your bag or it's in the hundreds, simply wear your favourite band t-shirt.
The idea of this show is to celebrate life and music, so wear your heart on your t-shirt sleeve as it were.

You are also welcome to bring flowers.
When you enter there will be a small installation where these can be left.
Trust me, it’ll be cool. Morbid but cool.
That's cool right? I don’t know anymore.
Maybe the next show could be called All The Therapists At My Trial (Our Therapist, My Trial).

When you enter the gallery you’ll hear a playlist of songs from my funeral, as you make your way to the courtyard you’ll enter the wake.
This wake is more of a party with the amazing Mo Shafeek on the decks.

So heres the other thing I’d like folks to do if so inclined.
There will be a Spotify playlist created of All the Flowers at My Funeral, we’ll share the link on Friday.
All the works will be numbered as per the track listing.
I would love it for people to create their own playlists to share using the hashtag #alltheflowersatmyfuneral on Facebook and Twitter and Spotify.
We can then all share and enjoy.

Again a massive thanks to everyone at Mondo for letting me bring this to you all.

Sonny Day.

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