Behind the Scenes of Our Upcoming ADVENTURE TIME Jake and Finn Statue

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Adventure Time and the upcoming release of the new Adventure Time specials on HBO Max (that trailer is sooo good!), we thought it was the perfect time to share a behind-the-scenes look at our upcoming Adventure Time statue of Jake and Finn.

The idea of creating this statue stemmed directly from our Marceline The Vampire Queen statue that we released a few years ago. We're HUGE Pendelton Ward fans, and absolutely adore Adventure Time and Midnight Gospel, so we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to create another statue based on these amazing characters.

Naturally, the follow up to that would be the show’s awesome main protagonists, Jake and Finn. So coming up with a fun way to represent both characters in a statue medium was a challenge we gladly accepted. From animation to character design, it all starts with one thing: concept art. Here's a look behind-the-scenes at the early beginnings and brainstorming that took place.

First up, the sketches. The super talented Eric Siebenaler was asked to help us with the design and he turned in some awesome sketches for us to pick from.

From there, we had the task of picking our favorite of the bunch. We went with the third image above, as it fits with the playfulness of the shows aesthetic while also giving us an interesting look to play within a three-dimensional space.

Once we chose our favorite, we then asked Eric to tighten it up, and provided him a bunch of references and Easter Eggs to place throughout the statue. We especially wanted to include their little buddy BMO as well as showcasing many of the signature weapons that're featured throughout the show. The end result...
Now, on to sculpting. Translating something like this is never easy, not just because of its complexity and very busy nature, but because we really wanted to make sure the characters closely matched their show likeness.

We asked our friend and amazingly awesome 3D sculptor Irene Matar to tackle this one and start sculpting. Here's a look at her first rough pass.

From there, Mondo Collectibles Art Directors Mike Bonanno and Hector Arce reviewed the sculpt and added their notes and edits.

Then Irene went to work on adding our notes and finished up the sculpture. The final result looked awesome and seriously brought a huge smile to all of our faces.

The next step is to bring this sculpt into the real world via 3D printing, then throw some paint on it. We asked painter extraordinaire Mark Bristow to tackle the painting and he absolutely killed it. Here’s some of his work in progress shots.

After all that hard work by so many talented and amazing artists, we came to….. THIS.

We're so happy with the end result, and we're stoked to share this with all of you. Keep an eye out for the official announcement very soon.

– Hector Arce and Michael Bonnano, Mondo Toys and Collectibles

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