BLOODSPORT by Gian Galang (Poster) (On-Sale Info)

If you caught our Stories on Friday, you saw that we have a brand-new poster coming from NYC-based artist and illustrator Gian Galang this week. 
Like Gian, we love anything full contact, especially if it’s a secret contest where the world's greatest warriors fight in a battle to the death ... 
So tomorrow, we’re unleashing an eye-popping BLOODSPORT screenprint that Gian TKO’d with his signature hand-painted genius. 
Available Friday, May 17 at NOON CT ... only at  
P.S. we have more new work from Gian coming soon! In the meantime, we suggest going to the Winchester and having a nice cold pint while you wait. 

BLOODSPORT Screenprinted Poster.
Artwork by Gian Galang. 24" x 36". Edition of 185. Printed by DL Screenprinting. Ships Worldwide. Estimated Shipping September 2024. $80 
"For me, no image distills 80s one-on-one martial arts combat more perfectly than a Van Damme flying kick to the face. Trying to depict this with as much impact as possible, I painted Dux from a low angle, soaring over the crowd and blasting out of frame through Chong Li's face. I split the composition in half with diagonal speed lines, emphasizing the iconic clash that inspired a generation of fighting games and the sport of mixed martial arts." 

-Gian Galang 


"Gian’s passion for the martial arts is undeniable. He pays close attention to the movement of human forms in combat and brings his intense brushstrokes and impact splatters with methodical paper-craft to prove it. We feel so lucky to be working with a traditional-media artist who is not only a huge fan of the film but also so well versed in the martial arts to create this unique BLOODSPORT poster for Mondo. 'Perfect timing, tight as a drum. The final battle’s already won.'  




-Josh Manderville, Art Director 

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