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CADABRA RECORDS (Distro) (On-Sale Info)
Hey all! As we settle back in, after a wonderful week in San Diego, we wanted to spotlight one of our favorite record labels for tomorrow's music release.

We truly love being part of this fantastic vinyl record community, and highlighting and promoting other labels is something that we genuinely love and cherish. So we are especially proud of our distributed titles program.

If you are unfamiliar (or new here), we distribute records by many other labels (often in exclusive colorways), trying to support and promote folks we admire. This week, we are shining our distro spotlight on Cadabra Records.

Cadabra creates spoken word records of classic macabre literature, featuring extraordinary voice actors, scores by world-class composers, and absolutely killer artwork. On Wednesday, we will be stocking our site with many of their releases, including exclusive colorways of THE EYES OF THE CAT BY ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY & MOEBIUS LP and H.P. LOVECRAFT'S THE UNNAMABLE & THE STATEMENT OF RANDOLPH CARTER LP.

We asked Cadabra to tell us all a bit about themselves:

"Cadabra Records was founded in 2015 and immediately set out to offer the weirdest and outright creepiest records around. As much as we honor and preserve the greatest horror fiction of the past, material that’s considered classic literature, we also work to bring attention to some of the best modern horror that’s being written today. When people ask 'What exactly is Cadabra Records?' I usually say, 'Just imagine a bookcase of all your favorite horror fiction, but inonyour record shelf!'

Cadabra is inspired by works in the tradition of spoken word albums of the past, of which Caedmon Records was king. To present the Spoken Arts to a new generation, we repackage the audio treatment with music, scoring the reading like a film, which makes for an incredible listening experience. The work Spencer has done with Death Waltz was also a huge inspiration: he showed us that the vinyl format can be an almost limitless art form. 

With nearly 100+ titles in our catalog, the label has something for everyone. It’s all found a home at Cadabra Records!"

As always, all new releases go on sale on Wednesdays at 12PM CT.



THE EYES OF THE CAT LP. Music by Fabio Frizzi. Written by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Artwork by Moebius. Pressed on Transparent Teal Blue Vinyl. $34


H.P LOVECRAFT'S THE UNAMABLE & THE STATEMENT OF RANDOLPH CARTER LPMusic by Anima Morte. Artwork by Jesse Jacobi. Pressed on Transparent Blue Swirl Vinyl. $34

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